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Does your concrete driveway look a little tired?
Australia’s climate with its scorching sun and torrential rain can take a toll on your driveway, leaving it looking less than its best.
Keeping your driveway in good condition can make a big difference to the appearance of your home, and even your own safety when it comes to a slippery surface.

One of the easiest ways to improve the look of your driveway and protect it from harsh weather conditions is to coat it using Shieldcoat’s four-step system.
This is a scientifically developed Australian coating system that is easy to apply, and that will keep your driveway in top condition for years.

Floor Shield Fleck

Floorshield Fleck is uses a unique application method and multiple layers, we use our Floorshield product to create the appearance of an Epoxy Flake seamless floor at a more cost effective price point. 

Floorshield Fleck is just as durable as traditional epoxy products and will add value to, and improve the appearance of any garage/shed or man-cave. 
Just like normal Floorshield, it has an extremely low odour making it perfect for people with allergies or people who are conscience about the environment.

The finish of Floorshield Fleck gives the perfect amount of anti-slip whilst remaining very easy to clean.  You could even mop and vacuum it.

Floorshield Fleck is a multi layered system consisting of a clear primer coat, coloured base coat, multiple coloured fleck coats and finally clear sealer. 
Therefore it is not recommended as a DIY product.  If you are interested in getting a quote to have Floorshield Fleck applied at your place, we can can provide a free quote.

Floor Shield Fleck System Process

There is a special process that we follow to prepare your concrete driveway before we can apply the Fleck Coat
– Pressure Wash, all dirt and other contaminants must be removed from the concrete surface before we apply any concrete coatings
– Repair any defects in the concrete such as cracks and chips using Stencilshield Slab Repair, we smooth the crack repairs using a damp sponge
– We tape up with with plastic drop sheet protectors to prevent over spray on nearby surfaces
– We apply a coat of Stencilshield Primer Plus as a sealer and undercoat
– Next we apply the stencilshield base and top coat, depending on the conditions we may trowel, squeegie or spray the coatings
– The stencilshield only needs to be applied at 1.2m2 per liter, we then sand lightly if required to knock off any peaks
– Existing Saw cut lines are cleared using a thin blade grinder to maintain those existing expansion joints
– The new surface is then blown clean to remove any dust left from the sanding
– The top coat is sprayed to achieve a consistent and fine texture at around 1 liter each 3m2, heavy coats are not desired
– The Fleck Coat is then applied over the base coat, 4 liters of fleck coat covers around 50 m2 or so
– We now remove all of the painters drop sheets ready for the clear coat application
– We use Floorshield Same Day Clear Coat Top Sealer which we apply either with a roller broom or airless spray gun, as required depending on site conditions

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